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Tractor Pull Competition

tractorsPlease click on the relevant link below to download an Entry Form:
2018 One Person Entry Form
2018 TEAM Entry Form

Thursday 1st March 2018 – this is the business challenge, you can be novice or experienced, we will put you in a tractor with a teacher and then swap you into another tractor for the second leg of the race, up for grabs is the business house trophy.

Next up on Friday 2nd March 2018 is the Bank Challenge, where the banks put interest rates aside and challenge their bitter rivals on the dirt track with horse power and sheer determination to see who crossed the line first and takes home the trophy – so enter your bank team and knock Rabobank off the podium. 

All tractors for these two events are generously sponsored by Cervus Equipment Ltd.

Saturday 3rd March 2018 –  This is the main event for operators who are experienced, novice, a contractor or just trying it for the first time, so be it for rivalry, competitiveness or a bit of genuine fun, come along to the design built track with your tractor weighted according to its horse power and give it a go.

This event has a prize pool of over $3,000, so come along to Lely Way for three action packed days of rural racing, cheer on your favourite team or competitor and experience the thrills of tractor racing at its best.