Food Vendor Registration Form

(NOTE:  the link to the registration form is below the following information…)

There is just something about outdoor events that makes us all hungry and thirsty…… and we need more vendors to help feed  and water the 20,000-odd people that attend our event over the 3 days!

The Northland Field Days is accepting registrations from Food Vendors (including coffee vendors) for the next Northland Field Days which is being held on the 29th February, 1st & 2nd March so if you are keen to be a Food and/or Coffee Vendor at our 2024 event,  simply click on the link below which will take you to a very short online form.  Once we receive that form from you, our Event Co-ordinator, Meagan Walters will be in touch in due course.

  • We have 3 separate food courts
  • A food site costs $550 incl GST for the whole event
  • You are entitled to receive 2 x 3-day passes for staff  as part of your site fee (this is enough for 2 people to work on site each day)
  • You will have access to power and water
  • We do not take any commission from vendors, you keep what you make!

Registering to be a Food Vendor at the Northland Field Days does not automatically mean your registration will be accepted. We need to ensure we have plenty of variety and therefore our Catering Committee reviews and then approves/declines applications – you will be notified within 4 weeks (if not sooner!) of their decision.

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