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Northland Field Days Filling Up Fast

While it is still over three months away spaces for the 2016 are filling up fast say organisers.

Approximately 90% of available sites had already been booked by New Zealand and Australian businesses according to event organiser Meagan Edmonds who says a large number of sites were booked not long after the event.

“Leads were so good and reactions from customers was so strong a lot of companies immediately booked for the next year,” says Edmonds.

With visitors largely being drawn from farming districts around the region they represent the basis of much of regional rural professionals’ customer base.

“It’s always a good idea to book accommodation, transport and equipment requirements now rather than waiting until the last minute.”

This will be especially true this year say organisers.

The November ANZ Bank survey of regional economies revealled a 2.5 percent rise in Northland’s economic activity in the third quarter of 2015, a trend which has continued almost unabated for the last two years with Northland’s annual average growth also strengthened to 4.2 percent, the third highest of the regions.

While tourism is growing in the sector much of that impetus comes from forestry, beef and dairy farming which remains steady, and strives. The primary sector is the greatest employer in the region in its own right, while also being the largest user of support industries.

With many of those in the primary sector making the event a vital part of their business calendar Northland Field Days president Lew Duggan says exhibitors often get many of their leads for the year during a three-day period.

“Exhibitors have a mass number of their clients walking past and through their site all day,” says Duggan.

“It’s a great way for businesses to reconnect with a lot of customers in a short time.”

Edmonds says maximising on those leads should be easier than ever thanks to the event’s revised website listings.“Based on information given to us from our Exhibitors, we are now able to provide more detailed information on what products/services are provided by Exhibitors rather than just a company name and contact details.”

This information will be visible in the Exhibitor Listing on the Northland Field Days website.

“This becomes a fantastic resource which means they are easier to find not only at the event but for at least 3 months afterwards.”

“This offers fantastic lead conversion possibilities.”