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We aim to have the event run as smoothly as possible and exhibitors are always asking what we can do to help, so here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

I have some quite bulky and very heavy equipment for display, is there a machine available to off load this on my site?
Yes we have both a forklift and telehandler for this purpose; there is no charge for this service. You need to book at Headquarters when arriving on-site or call ahead to let us know in advance.  We ask that you are patient as there are times where demand is high.

I need to be able to receive courier packages whilst the event is on, how can I arrange this?
All deliveries must clearly state your company name and site number, these are delivered to a courier shed in the car park area which is emptied regularly during the day.  If you are expecting a package please let Headquarters know and we will be on the lookout for it.

How do we access the site and when do we need to have our vehicles off the site?
The site is open from 6am, via the exhibitor entrance gate (not the main entrance gate); you will need to have your Exhibitor Pass (and don’t forget your passengers must have passes too) to ensure traffic flows freely.   All vehicles need to be off-site by 8.30am. If you still need to get things to your site after this time, we have a free courier service available to help. There is to be NO driving on the site from 9am and vehicles will only be allowed to be moved at the end of the day when the Northland Field Days deems it is safe to do so with regards to the general public who may still be walking to leave the site. An announcement will be made over the PA System to let you know you can now drive vehicles on the event site.

Where do we park?
There is an exhibitor’s-only car park directly opposite the site, you need to have your exhibitor’s vehicle pass displayed to access this car park but once this car park is full you will need to park in the general public area.

I would like to park my vehicle next to my site, can I do this?
The simple answer is no, but if you are able to contain your vehicle WITHIN the clearly defined boundary of your site and you do not move your vehicle between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm then this is OK.  When making this decision we encourage you to consider how your site looks and if this will affect the flow of visitors on and off your site.  If your vehicle is not contained within your allocated site, then you will be required to remove it from the grounds immediately. 

I have an inflatable blimp/balloon that I would like to bring, is there anything that would stop this from happening?
We would love for you to bring along whatever you need to promote your site/product, it not only livens up your own site but the whole event benefits and as we know being seen (and potentially the place to meet) is what the event is all about.

How good is mobile coverage?
Both Telecom and Vodafone have upgraded their systems for the Northland Field Days, so all mobile services are catered for however if demand is extremely high, the service may be affected slightly.

Is there security on-site?
Yes, we have 24hr security from 12noon on Sunday prior to the event through to 9am on the Monday following the event.  If you require security for times outside those stated please contact our Office.  All exhibitors must be off-site during the hours of darkness.

I have my allocated Exhibitor Passes but need more, how do I get some at the discounted rate?
Passes are available for exhibitors up until the start of the event, if you require more passes you need to contact the office (09)439 8998 or call in while you are setting up your site.  We strongly encourage all exhibitors to have this organised prior to the event so there are no hold-ups when entering the site on Thursday.

Can I hand out flyers to people passing my site or put these on cars in the car park.
We have no problem with you handing out flyers from your site, but outside of your site we have a policy of no flyers and failure to comply could result in your site being closed down for the duration of the event.

I have a self-contained camper (or tent), can I stay on-site?
Exhibitors are not allowed to stay overnight on the event site.  We have a paddock allocated as a camping area at the far end of the car park; this is looked after by the Motor Caravan Association Members on our behalf and there is a camping fee of $5 per person, per night.

I may need some photocopying done during the event is there somewhere I can get this done?
We are happy to do a few copies for you in our office for a fee of 20 cents per page, however if you have a large amount to be copied (say 30+ pages) you will need to go into town to get this done at either the Post Office or at AD Focus.

I want to leave early on Saturday, how can I do this?
The Northland Field Days is a three day event and as with the other two days of the event, visitors pay to come and see what is on offer.  After much consideration, the Northland Field Days Committee have agreed to end the event at 4pm on the Saturday. The gates will be opened for exhibitor departure at roughly 4.30pm depending on pedestrians that are still making their way out of the event.   Just to be clear on this matter, gates will not be open for vehicle access until approximately 4.30pm or when it is safe to do so. We are bound to abide by an approved Traffic Management Plan by the relevant Authorities which is in the interests of public safety, pedestrians, OSH etc…

I am in one of the indoor pavilions and would like to use a microphone to attract people to my site, can I do this?
Due to the enclosed nature of these sites the answer is no, the collective noise pollution if everyone chose to do this could have a negative effect on visitor numbers to these pavilions.

I often have customers who are unable to carry their purchases to their vehicle due to the bulk or weight, is there any way for me to get help for them?
Yes, we have a service for exhibitors and their customers, where we can deliver goods to and from your site to make things easier for you during the event.  All you need to do is call in at Headquarters or flag down one of the committee in the clearly marked Northland Field Days shirts.  Patience is required as there are times when we are all very busy, however we will get to you as soon as we can.

I have decided to be an exhibitor, but how do I attract more people to my site?
This question is asked every year, so this year we have included a few tips in our Northland Field Days 2017 Exhibitor Handbook on how you could increase the foot traffic to your site on pages 14 & 15.

I would like to look at advertising before the event, are there any rules around this?
There are no rules around advertising before the event, creative licence is yours and this year we have a few newspapers and radio stations offering some great deals to our exhibitors and using the tag line ‘Northland Field Days…see you there’.  See the Info Directory on Page 20 of our Northland Field Days 2014 Exhibitor Handbook for more details.