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2016 Northland Field Days Study Grant Recipients

Agricultural Study Grants

In 2016 the Northland Field Days Committee offered agricultural students who were from Northland and are studying agricultural-based programmes at any recognised tertiary provider an Agricultural Study Grant of up to $2,000.  Based on the applications received, the Committee felt that the following students deserved our assistance in their journey:

BREE MARTINAC – Bachelor of Agri Commerce


“I grew up on a sheep and beef farm in Ruawai enjoying the hands-on experiences with my father by helping him to complete the day’s tasks from moving stock, checking pasture levels and many other jobs vital in a primary production system.  Farming has been in my blood for many generations and I hope to continue the tradition.

When I have completed my studies, I will use this knowledge to help me find/develop new markets to export New Zealands’ high quality products to and in doing this, I will be improving agrifood value and supply chain networks which are consistently changing.  This will benefit the economy and increase export earnings…”

KIERAN McCAHON Bachelor of Agri-Science


“I was born and raised on my parents dairy farm on the Pouto peninsula of Northland however I boarded in Auckland for the final three years of my secondary education to attend Westlake Boys High School. Living in Auckland encouraged me to make the most of the time I had at home on the farm, making me realise just how much I enjoy the agricultural environment.  The ability to make a difference in the community, to have a positive influence on the industry by developing ways to be more efficient with our resources was another reason that drew me into agriculture. Farm systems interest me, how the multitude of factors on farm combine and interact on farm to ultimately determine the efficiency and profitability of the farm. It excites me to be able to make an accountable and tangible impact for farmers…”


TOMMY STEVENSON Level 3 and 4 Telford Ag Papers, Cadetship at Smedley Station

“Ever since I was little I have been passionate about agriculture.  My grandfather attended Smedley Station so I have grown up on stories of the Station.  After working for my father and also neighbours in Tangowahine Valley, I felt that farming is what I was born to do and I saw Smedley Station as the very best way to develop and become the best farmer I can possibly be…”