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2017 Study Grant Recipient

Agricultural Study Grants

Each year, depending on available funds, the Northland Field Days Committee offers agricultural students who are from Northland and are studying agricultural-based programmes at any recognised tertiary provider an Agricultural Study Grant of up to $2,000.  The 2017 Study Grant has been awarded to the following student to assist him in his journey and we wish him all the very best for 2017:

Clay Langford – recipient of the 2017 Northland Field Days Study Grant

I am a born and bred Northand boy but I have not grown up on a farm.  My parents owned a small lifestyle block when I was young and living there ignited in me a passion for the land and everything to do with agriculture.  I find that when I work on any farm, no matter the job, it does not really feel like a job or a chore but rather a privilege to be involved and this is why I have chosen to pursue agriculture as a career.